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The Goalie Guru is a performance-enhancing grip aid that legally attaches to your paddle to build technique and boost rebound control.


The Goalie Guru Founder, Corey Brenner, knew his goalie stick needed an improvement, so he decided to create one.

The Goalie Guru is designed to help goalies of all ages and skill levels to improve their game by fostering better grip and rebound control.


Our ambidextrous grip aid is made at home in the Midwest, USA to support local jobs, economies, and hockey communities.

We have youth hockey partnerships in Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, and throughout Canada.

How it Works

Have you ever sent out a bad rebound, been too slow on a poke check, or taken a stinger from a hard shot to the paddle? 

The Goalie Guru is the grip you’ve been searching for!



Each sloped rubber grip aid can be attached for Righties or Lefties and placed in a variety of ways to best suit individual preference, hand size, and play style.



The included adhesive bonds with all major stick models, regardless of coating. Goalies with bulkier blockers should adjust the piece accordingly in order to minimize poke-check interference.



In addition to building muscle memory and training proper stick habits, the improved grip mechanism provides shock absorption and increases rebound control without violating any equipment regulations.


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v2-Pro Model Available NOW!

The Goalie Guru: v2-Pro

The new v2-Pro comes with treads and is built for maximum hold even under the harshest conditions of play. Guaranteed to give you a better grip, the Pro Model is the toughest there is!

The v2-Pro also includes our Activator Band for a stronger bond and streamlined installation process.
After your grip sets overnight, remove the Activator band for a sweet glow-in-the-dark bracelet!

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The Goalie Guru: Original Grip

Our ambidextrous grip aid is a legal, performance enhancing tool that develops muscle memory, assists with shock absorption, and boosts rebound control for goalies of all ages.

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Installation Help 

Need help installing your new Goalie Guru? Follow our step-by-step installation video for helpful installation tips.

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